The Musician as Fundraiser

As part of the Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy programme, the Association of British Orchestras worked with the Musicians’ Union on an initiative focusing on the contribution that musicians can make to an arts organisation’s fundraising efforts.

While there are excellent examples in theatre, opera and dance of actors, singers and dancers taking part in fundraising events, this is not always the case with orchestras. This project aimed to remedy this through extending best practice across the members of the ABO, to enable orchestras to achieve a step-change in their fundraising through engaging all those with a stake in the continued success of their organisation.

Led by experienced fundraising consultant Sarah Gee, the programme scoped how musicians are currently contributing to fundraising activities, from which was developed a training day. Key to this are the video cases studies where musicians are contributing to their orchestra’s fundraising activity. The project culminated in a joint ABO/MU training manual for musicians along with links to the video case studies, to ensure that learning is distributed across the sector.

If members would like to arrange training with Sarah Gee, please contact the ABO office for further details.

The Musician as Fundraiser - Hallé Orchestra

The Musician as Fundraiser - London Sinfonietta

The Musician as Fundraiser - London Philharmonic Orchestra

The Musician as Fundraiser - Manchester Camerata