Healthy Orchestra Charter

The Healthy Orchestra Charter was a joint initiative by the Association of British Orchestras and the Musicians' Benevolent Fund. Launched at the 2006 ABO Conference, the aim of the Charter was to set an industry-wide standard of care and award Charter Marks to orchestras that are displaying good practice towards the physical, mental and emotional health of employees - both orchestral musicians and their management.

The Charter was designed to give an indication of the different areas that orchestras ought to consider, including rehearsal and performance conditions, venue facilities and management responsibility. In 2010, after the first three years, the Charter was independently evaluated by Annabel Jackson Associates. Following that evaluation and some of the recommendations contained in the report, the Association of British Orchestras and the Musicians Benevolent Fund, together with the independent adjudicators began a process of revising and revalidating the Charter. It was re-launched in May 2011.

Since 2014 the Charter has been replaced by a more general Healthy Orchestra programme, encouraging best practice in health and well-being across the ABO membership, and providing information on areas such as the Noise at Work Regulations and Focal Dystonia.