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Following the ABO conference in 2009, the theme of which was Sustain, the ABO has been working with Julie's Bicycle, a not-for-profit company helping the music industry cut its greenhouse gas emissions and create a low carbon creative future. In 2010 the ABO and Julie’s Bicycle published the Green Orchestras Guide, a simple guide to sustainable practice, followed by Moving Arts Volume 2: Orchestras, a research project assessing the carbon impacts of orchestras touring the UK and internationally. A working group was chaired by the London Symphony Orchestra's Kathryn McDowell and the research was funded by Arts Council England, the British Council, and Orchestras Live.

In November 2012 the ABO launched its Green Charter, which commits its members to recognising environmental sustainability in their planning, performance and promotion of orchestral music in the UK first and, as a joined community, to using the following four principles of good environmental stewardship:

Understanding the environmental impacts of our work, why it matters and what we can do.

Recognising that we can be more effective if we know our carbon footprint  of our activities (buildings, tours, offices, festivals) and using that evidence to benchmark our performance and inspire improvement.

Making the changes in all our activities which will  reduce our environmental impacts  where ever we can.

Communicating our environmental charter commitments, and our impacts to our staff, governing bodies, funders, sponsors, artists, and audiences.

You can download the charter from the resources box below along with the Green Orchestras Guide which contains lots of handy tips and approaches to tackle envirnonmental issues in your organisation.

Or click on the Julie's Bicycle logo to visit their site which has more resources and information.

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