Orchestras Everywhere

Britain’s world-leading orchestras are well known for their great performances in the concert hall – and rightly so.

Each year, they play to more than 4.5m people in over 3,500 concerts and performances in the UK, and tour to around 35 countries across the world. Audiences are growing and orchestras’ performances are increasingly being broadcast, streamed and downloaded.

But performances and concerts are just one part of our members’ work.

From the classic films of the Ealing Studios to the biggest Hollywood blockbusters, and from mobile phone games to the world’s top tourist attractions – even away from the concert hall British orchestras are at the centre of the best known and most popular entertainment.

Because of their collaboration with other parts of the creative industries, our orchestras reach not only the millions who see them in concert halls, but the billions who hear them through film, TV, games, pop and rock concerts and at other events and locations. It means that everyone can enjoy great music played by the world’s best orchestras.

Our orchestras are everywhere.

The diversity of British orchestras’ work demolishes the myth that they are only enjoyed by a small number of people. The reality is, they are at the centre of globally popular entertainment: the best of the best, that you can hear when you watch, play, visit or listen, making everyday life special.

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