There is no set career path to being an orchestral manager and there are a variety of areas within orchestral management that you can work in.

  • Concert and tours administration
  • Orchestra management
  • Education and community
  • Marketing
  • Fundraising
  • Digital
  • Librarians

Click on the links below for case studies of what is involved in the various managerial roles.

There are also a variety of career paths in the wider music industry including:

  • Artist Agents and Musician's Diary Services
  • Venue management
  • Festival management
  • Music publishers and music copyright
  • Broadcasting
  • Recording companies
  • National arts development organisations
  • Local Authority arts departments
  • Concert and Tours Manager

    Matthew Lax Concert Manager, Sinfonia Viva For someone who doesn’t want to be in the spotlight but wants a rewarding job that you can see the end results and all the hard work paid off, I can’t think of a better role than Concert Manager. I have a very varied job but I get to work on projects i... Read more »

  • Orchestral Management

    Phil Boughton Orchestra Manager, Welsh National Opera  When I am asked what it is like being an Orchestra Manager I always reply that it is never dull.When talking to members of the orchestra I explain that I see the role of an Orchestra Manager being to make it as easy as possible for a player... Read more »

  • Education and Community

    Sophie Dunn Creative Learning Director, Britten Sinfonia  What it's like to be an Education Manager:Almost all orchestras have an Education (or Learning, or Creative Learning...) department. In some it is run by one person and in others there are large teams. The purposes of the department are ... Read more »

  • Marketing

    William Norris Communications Director, Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment When asked what a typical day in your job is, it's something of a cliché to say that no two days are the same. But to be honest, in my case, it really is true. Just thinking about the week so far, I've been proofreadi... Read more »

  • Fundraising

    Katherine Hattersley Charitable Giving Manager, London Philharmonic Orchestra How did I get into it?I worked as Assistant Venue Manager for a live music venue in the Midlands and then went to the University of Southampton to study Music. At Southampton I became heavily involved with the Univers... Read more »

  • Digital

    Jo Johnson Senior Marketing Manager, Digital, London Symphony Orchestra As the newest role to emerge in the field of Arts Administration, the description of what a Digital Manager is and does is difficult to pin down. Orchestras (and other Arts) are still getting to grips with the enormous, som... Read more »